Friday, June 15, 2007

Weekly wrapup

A quick snapshot at this week's posts:

1) Russia cements its power as an economic powerhouse : summary of the St. Petersburg Economic Forum and some of the prospects for Western businesses in Russia

2) Surprise, surprise, Mr. Blair - Gazprom goes for Britain : What is behind Gazprom's renewed bid to get a foothold in the British energy market?

3) Scissors are cutting up the Russian oil & gas industry : The outlook on the Russian oil & gas sector pressured by taxes and heavy regulation is grim

4) Operation Barbarossa - Doomed from the start : a brief look into history at how bad the Nazi plan was to invade the Soviet Union

5) Some eau de cologne with your vobla? - Alcoholism in Russia : While the government is fighting to increase the birth rate, the death rate is nullifying the effort

Finally the honor for video of the week goes to the great Chaif, one of the original rock bands of the late 80-s, who are popular and well today. Their song "Oy-yo" is difficult to translate yet is great for a drinking rout in the kitchen with friends (for further information see article (5) above)

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