Thursday, November 30, 2006

Старая тема, но все-таки...

Для тех кто понимает!

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

На следующий день после смерти Александра Литвиненко в Ирландии с симптомами отравления был срочно госпитализирован бывший вице-премьер России Егор Гайдар. Он был при смерти. Анатолий Чубайс прозрачно намекнул, что отравление Гайдара было нужно «сторонникам неконституционной силовой смены власти в России».


Отравите пожалуйста Черномырдина. Непонятно что ли, какое веселье будет. Особенно если он еще и записку "предсмертную" напишет.

На следующий день после смерти Александра Литвиненко в Ирландии с симптомами отравления был срочно госпитализирован бывший вице-премьер России Егор Гайдар. Он был при смерти. Анатолий Чубайс прозрачно намекнул, что отравление Гайдара было нужно «сторонникам неконституционной силовой смены власти в России».

Отравите пожалуйста Черномырдина. Непонятно что ли, какое веселье будет. Особенно если он еще и записку "предсмертную" напишет.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Finally, Sushi has become Russian. Russian Sushi; Russian Roulettet. WHat is next?

Monday, November 27, 2006

Today in the Wall Street Journal there appeared an opinion article titled "Who Killed Litvinenko?" by David Satter; Mr. Satter is affiliated with the Hoover Institution and many other institutions. Let me start by bringing up some samples of the article:

"There is widespread belief that the real authors of the bombings (1999 apartment bombings in Moscow, which took the lives of several hundred people, and were linked to Chechen terrorists) were the FSB"

"Under those circumstances
(Litvinenko's death was conducted by the FSB), not only should Russia be excluded from the G-8 but the whole structure of mutual consultation and cooperation would need to be re-evaluated. There are forces inside Russia that want the country to be part of the West"

Essentailly, the author maintains that Litvinenko was indeed poisoned by the FSB; that he was a guardian of Mr. Berezovskiy, and all the past major murders in Russia: Yushenkov, Schekochikhin, Politkovskaya were conducted with indirect consent of Mr. Putin.


I understand that this is an opinion article, yet it is an opinion of a respectable person, and appears in an even more respectable newspaper, read by many. I assume the above is a slightly radicalized opinion of the majority in the West, after Litvinenko's death.

Not many people knew of Litvinenko's existence before November 1, 2006. Out of the non-Russian population, I would say that one in a couple of hundred thousand would be able to clearly summarize Mr. Litvinenko. Not much more people knew of Mr. Litvinenko in Russia. Maybe 1-5% of the Moscow population were aware of his existence, but had only negative feelings toward him as he was affiliated with Mr. Berezovskiy, the Russian oligarch in exhile.

The question arises then, whether the FSB had any real reasons to get rid of Mr. Litvinenko in such a public way. The only real benefit his death brings to Russian authorities is the potential scare among Russian exiles in Britain, among them Russia's true targets Mr. Berezovskiy and Mr. Zakaev, the Chechen terrorist spokesperson. The negative consequences of this reason are clear: articles begin to appear in Western publications which are clearly anti-Russian; followed by the fact that British-Russian relations suffer a dent, just as those with Europe and the US.

The FSB has indeed carried out assassinations abroad. In 2004 two of its agents were caught after a successful assassination attempt of the ex-Chechen leader Zelimkhan Yandarbiev in Qatar. The FSB is quite proud of the operation and does not clearly deny its motives. Yet in this situation the person killed was a former leader of terrorists, the same terrorists that organized the Beslan school siege killing hundreds of innocent children, the siege of a theatre in Moscow, and many other bombings on Russian soil. Russia, just as Britain, the US and other states has full rights to destroy such people.

Mr. Litvinenko's wrongdoings in Mr. Putin’s eyes were anti-Kremlin propaganda in Britain. He blamed Mr. Putin for all contract killings over the past years, for the terrorist bombings in Moscow in 1999, for being a pedophile. These are very harsh claims, but to a person well in touch with Russian affairs they are really far-fetched. You can continue by blaming Mr. Putin for 9/11 and for financing Judas to kill Jesus Christ. And they are not widespread as the article in the beginning claims. By most Russians, who are free in their speech and opinion, who have access to all sources of information, they are considered as claims made by a madman.

The problem lies in the negative publicity of the KGB-FSB in the eyes of the press. This makes it an easy tool for critics abroad to use. It causes disgust and anger amongst ordinary Russians; makes them anti-Western in their views, before the Kremlin even comes out with an opinion on it. I am sure the KGB-FSB and the CIA have always had similar goals, and used similar means to achieve them. In 1991, one turned out to be the winner, and dictated the theory that its enemy was evil, and will always remain evil. Should then Russia dismantle its security service? Should Russia exist as a dominion of all other countries, as it cannot be an honest trustworthy country? No. It is a trustworthy country. So is its security service.

It is assumed the FSB has inherited the goals of the Checka and the NKVD and the KGB. But times have changed. The USSR in the 20s- and 30-s was constantly attacked from outside, inside, below and above. The government needed to destroy opponents to stay in its current shape, whether that was right or not. These threats do not hold as strong today. There is no need to send NKVD-style assassins and kill opponents Trotsky-style with an ice-pick in Mexico City.

Russia has few enemies abroad; yet it is not concerned with them; it is mostly concerned with expanding economic powers and curbing US influence outside its borders. The few enemies it maintains, it has no need to eliminate; they have no credibility at all amongst the Russian people, and are merely a thorn in the toe of a giant. I do not even want to discuss in detail Mr. Berezovskiy and Mr. Nevzlin, the ex-Yukos chief hiding in Israel. But their involvement in criminal takeovers of factories in Russia in 1995, is presented in documents, video-tapes and audio material lying around on the internet; this and other acts in the 1990-s leave them with no credibility to blame others for Mr. Litvinenko's death whatsoever.

I am truly sorry for Mr. Litivinenko; he became a pawn in this propaganda game. He did not look like a person who was wise enough in this game judging by his videos; he most likely suffered from it. The FSB will offer assistance in the investigation.

It is my belief, my conviction that the FSB had no role in this killing. If I see documents directly or indirectly linking Mr. Putin or the Mr. Patrushev, the FSB head, to the killing I am ready to denounce my Russian passport. Because I will never do that, it is impossible to prove the killing. A joke to wrap this misunderstanding up. The faster Scotland Yard will finish the investigation the better.

Monday, November 20, 2006

A brief note on financial instruments. Now they are like women or girls, however you like it, but in the sense of a guy. I am just throwing the last words in there, so I don't get the blame for what is below.

For example. Marginal buys. Some can look at them and say they are like falling in love or simply getting a crush on some beautiful girl. When does this happen most often; when we are stupid high school or college students. We are broke, to be clear; no money. We borrow money now for perhaps a distant opportunity, which we assume to be very likely to get profits, in our case sex. So in essence this is buying on margin. What usually happens is that the stock goes way low, the girl tells you to piss off; you get the call from a broker (or in the relationship world get beaten up by her boyfirend) You are broke again.

Now there are of course other examples. Let's go more drastic. Derivative securities. Options. You buy the right, not the obligation to perform something in the future. This is of course prostitution. Ya buy the thing right away. I won't go into the details.

Now when you go from a long-term relationship to a marriage, which will last all of your long and sad life, it gets more complex. It is essentially a callable bond. Let me explain. You start with a bond. You give lots of money away for it, but the steady stream of coupon payments lasts a long time. The longer the maturity the more coupon payments; but the more risk of losing the value of the bond. Just like a relationship. When you get married, your wife calls in the bond, and give you stock. You get your money back, kind of. No more stupid obligations for dates and everything, but those dividends are pretty rare, if you know what I mean.

I gotta stop reading fianance books.

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Поганое настроение, как обычно (Воскресение). Слушаю дуэт Бутусова и Шаинского - феерия! А вообще последние недели я пинаю кое-что, так как кроме института все задачи выполнены. Работу мы вот нашли.

Ну и на последок Deloitte - чАмпин


Thursday, November 16, 2006

Stevie Wonder - Чудесный Степан

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Вообще я никак не могу понять в связи с нижележашим постом, почему есть геноцид украинского народа, геноцид еврейского народа, геноцид цыган, и тп и тд. А вот русских, славян, которых Адольфыч называл "недочеловеками" и которых травили в лагерях, расстерливали, чьи дома жгли... их погибло блин пару десятков миллионов. Вот в отношении русских геноцида не было.

Этт вопрос необходимо очень жестко прорабатывать; история безмерно важна. А то в один прекрасный день мы проснемся в среди русского народа, который в начале 1890-х травил евреев, в 1930-х уничтожал украинцев, в 1940-х преследовал репрессии против северокавказских народовя; в 1939 начал Вторую Мирову войну; в 1945 массово насиловал миллионов немецких девушек и женщин; массово расстреливал немцев и поляков... и тд и тп

Я не отрицаю вину и причастность руководства СССР или Российской Империи. Все это было, только в меньших масштабах и всегда... всегда блин... страдало русское население. Страдало во многих случаях в равной степени. Либо до, либо во время, либо после. ВСЕГДА!

Monday, November 13, 2006

Ах да, сосем забыл. Поляки-суки

На западе Москвы, в 1-м Сетуньском проезде, вечером в понедельник прорвало канализационную трубу. На месте ЧП бьет фонтан высотой до двух метров и диаметром в три метра, сообщили в столичном Управлении МЧС. Перекрыто движение автотранспорта по всем Сетуньским проездам и Воробьевскому шоссе.


Около моего дома. Хорошо что квартира на 9-ом этаже. Кто-то очень удачно в сортир сходил

Friday, November 10, 2006

Несмотря на то что Ираклий Окруашвили останется в правительстве, его переназначение в Тбилиси расценивают как существенное понижение. Как министр обороны Грузии господин Окруашвили активно участвовал в формировании как внутренней, так и внешней политики страны, часто высказываясь при этом по поводу российско-грузинских отношений. В своих заявлениях министр крайне резко критиковал Россию за ее позицию в урегулировании грузино-абхазского и грузино-осетинского конфликтов, открыто обвиняя Москву в поддержке сепаратизма.

Из Ъ

Вот оно; а вы кричали тут все

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

After talking at Cambridge recently about the preponderance of the eastern front and the scale of the Red Army’s triumph, I was accosted by an angry young British historian. “Don’t you realise that we were pinning down 56 German divisions in France alone,” he said. “Without that the Red Army would have been heavily defeated.” What is less acknowledged is that without the Red Army pulverising 150 divisions, the allies would never have landed.

Sunday Times

Very well-rounded article, apart from the "Soviet concentration camp" issue, which no foreigner can ever get right. Never use it in the context of holocaust, they should not be in the same paragraph.

Вчера оргкомитет "Русского марша" заявил о проведении новой массовой акции националистов в столице. Они хотят отметить день рождения бывшего лидера СССР Иосифа Сталина 21 декабря шествием по Тверской улице. Националисты потребовали от мэрии официального разрешения на эту акцию, чтобы "восстановить свои права, попранные 4 ноября милицией". Столичные власти дали понять, что новый "Русский марш" не пройдет.

Из Ъ

Феерично просто. Сталин как главный русский националист. Я думаю они бы с Берией были бы рады.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Однако больше всего публику поразила проведенная Михаилом Саакашвили параллель между угнетением евреев в царской России и нынешними гонениями на грузин: он вспомнил об "указе императрицы Екатерины I от 26 апреля 1727 года, предусматривавшем высылку, несмотря на звание и достоинство, и конфискацию собственности всех евреев в России". "Я рассказал об этом историческом примере по двум причинам,– заявил Михаил Саакашвили.– Во-первых, из-за удивительного сходства между политикой нынешней и 250-летней давности. Похоже, старые привычки тяжело отмирают. Во-вторых, это еще одна причина, по которой евреи и грузины понимают друг друга на базисном, инстинктивном уровне. Общий исторический опыт укрепляет взаимные связи".

из Коммерсанта

Пошел бы ты Миша тогда со своими грузинами в пустыню на сорок лет; Моисей хренов.

Чего-то какое-то гнетушее настроение в последние дни. Может без этого другого не получится... Это понятно только мне. Остальное объясню потом. Пока переместил место своего пенсионного проживания на озеро Лугано: