Saturday, June 02, 2007

Weekly Roundup

Here is a snapshot of the week's blog posts as well as the usual video of the week:

1) Polish meat arrested in Germany - Is Russia finally right? As the Russian expression goes "What we fought for is what we stumbled on"

2) You build Shields - We will build Rockets Is Russia restoring the balance of power of distorting it? At close look at the reasons behind Russia's firm military and diplomatic actions

3) Portuguese prime-minister goes for a run in Red Square - How Russia's main attraction has changed over the years

4) US ABM shield - a part of something bigger - a close look at the analysis of Russian military observers on the US global anti ballistic missile shield

5) "He writes about Putin, and it's interesting!" : Andrei Kolesnikov's Real-Life Putin - part of the Russian Media : Blog Carnival hosted by Krusenstern

Finally the honor for video of the week goes to "Leningrad"; the only word to describe them is perhaps "crazy" or "deranged", their concerts have been banned in Moscow due to explicit lyrics; yet this video is one of their calmer songs, more suitable for a soothing Monday morning.

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