Thursday, April 05, 2007

Gathering Friends

It is remarkable how actively Ukraine's politicians are searching for friends in Europe. This goes to show that nether the EU, nor the US, not even Russia have a clear strategy in this gamble, as many outcomes are possible. In case of a stand-off though, as was in 1993 in Russia they will have to decide who to support, and that may be a crucial decision. In 1993, though, it was easy, the West did not want a return of Russia to left-wing ideals, and chose Yeltsin. Now, its is clear that neither of the candidates has enough political support to control the situation by him/herself. What is more dangerous is the virtual split of the country into opposing sides. A small tip though, who controls Kiev, controls the country...

April 3 - Viktor Yuschenko gives a commentary in the Financial Times
April 5 - Yulia Timoshenko gives a commentary in the Guardian
April 5 - Viktor Yuschenko gives an interview in the Guardian

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