Thursday, March 29, 2007

Universe - an observation

I find it fascinating that in 50 billion years the processes which give birth to new stars will come to a hold; there will be no more fuel to make new stars, and old stars will die out, turning into oval clusters of cool gas.

The universe and all potential life in it has a finite life period. No matter how far away that period is, it is first of all extraordinary that it has been measured by humans with a lifespan of 70 years. However, more importantly, it is the final concluding argument to the fact that everything has a beginning, and everything has an end. Nothing is infinite, except space, emptiness, and perhaps uselessness.

My point, everything has an end for a reason; the reason being that we must all use the time we are allotted as wisely as we can. Regretting your past at the last stages of life may be the most aggravating and miserable way to live. These may seem like common sense words, but to me, taking the universe-wide scale into account makes them that much relevant.

We are not special, we are not alone, we have limited time; use it wisely!

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