Saturday, February 10, 2007

Putin's Speech on World Affairs

Vladimir Putin threw down the gauntlet to the west in a confrontational speech on Saturday, attacking what he called “illegal” US unilateral military action and arguing it had made the world more dangerous.

In a speech that stunned most of the audience at an annual security conference held in Munich, Mr Putin also railed against US plans to build anti-missile defences in Europe, the expansion of Nato to include countries that were formerly part of the Soviet Union, and a host of other western policies.


“If you say that your ABM system is not directed at us, our missiles are not aimed at you,” he said.

Financial Times

One of the most powerful foreign relations speeches Putin has given. This is both a response to the aggressive gestures of the US administration in the past, and a green light for further confrontation

Полная версия от Кремлевской Пресс-Службы:


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