Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Vegetarians - why?

So i don't get the whole point of people becoming vegetarian on the basis of "I can't eat the meat from animals that have been slaughtered in mass quantities". It doesn't cut it for me. It is in human nature to eat meat (that is how nature made us). If humans did not eat meat from the beginning, we would probably look very much different (more like some rabbits or something; maybe some people appreciate that i don't know). So humans can't eat meat because its cruel how it comes about in the first place. But the way meat is consumed is cruel by nature; tigers rip apart their prey (and that is very cruel, I must say; but it's life).

Some might say: "well we are not animals, our intellect has progressed far from the intellect of animals; so it is wrong to compare us with animals". I personally think we have not gone far from animals; just because we can lay on a couch all day and think about the meaning of life, does not superiorise our intellect in any way. Our intellect is ruining us in many ways. Animals are efficient, they serve a purpose; humans do not.

I am fine with being a human, and fine with the intellectual capabilities of humans eating them up slowly but surely, and I am fine with eating meat.

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