Wednesday, December 06, 2006

So what is the deal with these aka former US Marine bums sitting in front of McDonalds, train stations, walking around drunk, telling everyone of their sorrows, telling everyone that they should respect them.

Why? Based on what?

Being a former marine, or army veteran does not entitle you to walk around drunk, wear shabby clothes, feel all sorry for yourself, and become a bum. If you are an army vet or a marine, behave like one. Isn't America saying its marines are the best people on this planet: honest, brave, courageous, ready to sacrifice. Being a marine is a high honor, and does not entitle you to lead a life as a bum, after you are kicked out of service. If you are a bum, you are not a marine, and never were one, it was a mistake they took you in the first place.

I have contempt for foreign armies, but I respect soldiers; I respect veterans; I respect courageous people, who sacrificed and gave or were willing to give lives for their country.

I have contempt for these ex-soldiers who walk around drunk, and brag about their problems and their hardships as soldiers. That includes soldiers of any army.

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