Friday, December 22, 2006

Shell’s problems partly stem from capex overruns, which, under Sakhalin-2’s original contract terms, left Moscow out of pocket. Still it forms part of the bigger picture of Russian resource nationalism and other majors will be watching to see where the government strikes next. Sakhalin-2 is pretty marginal for Shell in terms of its value and reserves. BP, however, relies on Russia for perhaps a third of its non-proven oil and gas reserves – the basis for its long-term growth. Peace in Sakhalin, on these terms, will provide some comfort, but reducing its dependence on Russia remains a priority for BP.

Financial Times

Далее Ковытка. А вообще когда в 2012-ом России будут резко нужны деньги, все эти проекты продадут за +75%.

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