Sunday, May 20, 2007

Slowly But Surely

Krusenshtern recently published what is now the latest (from what I understand) rating of the Top 50 Russia weblogs of the world in English and German. Russia's True Tales of Terra is proud to be storming its way into the Top-40 after close to a month of active existence (being at #41).

Although the true goal of this blog is yet to be determined as it is in an evolutionary phase, the motivations behind the author's writing you read here are clear: a simple attempt to present an unbiased and honest view on events in Russia; events both good and bad, whether political, economical, cultural or even sporting ones, all through a "reverse lens": fusing current events information and combining it with historic precedents and business/economic problem-solving.

With the election season in Russia already as hot as it may seem to be possible, the overall number of readers for Russian weblogs will increase in geometric proportions (hopefully) and some of that traffic will end up in RTTT (again, hopefully).


Krusenstern said...


You will see soon, this ranking is not only a comparison: It's a chance to attach a new network an find new readers.

In my Blog i notice that some of my readers clicked on "russia's true tales of terra". And I wish you a lot of new readers!

That's why I will optimize the ranking-system constantly. If you install the Sitemeter, next month you get surely a better ranking.

By the way: I would be pleased, if you write too an article for the "Blog-Carnival Russian Media". See

nikolay i. said...

Thanks again for compiling the ranking system...

By the way, I am not sure how to register an article for the Blog Carnival, if you can please register me in as an English Article:

"Kolesnikov and Mr. Parker : Real-Life and Imaginary Putin"

Thanks in advance

Krusenstern said...

Privet Nicolai!

I registered your article today.

By the way: You're based in USA or ... ?!?

nikolay i. said...

Yup USA it is... You can remove the question marks. Thanks.