Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Blog-Carnival Russian media

The below announcement has appeared in the comments to a previous post of mine. I am publicizing it to help increase the awareness in the blogosphere and the internet. This blog will make its contribution (at least one) in the days to come.

Today is the launch of the world's first ever dual-language "Blog-Carnival Russian media". All English-speaking and German-speaking bloggers are invited to publish contributions on the Russian media on their weblogs between 1 and 30 June 2007 (see more www.krusenstern.ch/p716.html).

The launch date for the "Blog-Carnival Russian Media" has not been chosen by chance for today, 11 May 2007 , the "Novaya Gazeta", one of the last independent newspapers in the Russian Federation , is to be awarded the renowned "Henri Nannen Prize" 2007 in Hamburg for its services to press freedom.

The aim of the Blog-Carnival is to gather together as many different viewpoints and pieces of information as possible on the subject of the Russian media. Behind this initiative is the notion that the closer we get to the Russian parliamentary elections in October 2007 and the presidential elections in March 2008, the more the Putin government is clamping down on the media in Russia.

This Blog-Carnival is an opportunity for bloggers of both East and West to learn about the media that appear in the Russian Federation or report on it from abroad. The Blog Carnival will therefore bring the contributing bloggers new information, new contacts and a stronger network transcending national borders and language barriers (see more www.krusenstern.ch/p716.html)

Poka, poka!


Krusenstern said...

Thanks for your support, Nicolay! I'm pleased to read your article!

By the way: Do you live in Germany? The articles from RIA Novosti in your Blog are published in German...

nikolay i. said...

No. I am based in the US at the moment. I dont know what RIA Novosti articles you mean.

Btw, the article I will contribute will be in English (maybe in Russian, if I will have the time). I will decide on the theme by the end of the week.

Thanks for organizing this!

Krusenstern said...

Sorry! I confused two blogs. I read in the last days more than 80 Russia-Blogs...

I look forward to your registration and your article.