Sunday, July 15, 2007

Test yourself in "new" Russian history

There have been many comments about the recent initiative of Russian president Vladimir Putin to "rewrite" Russian history. If you ever were curious of what would be written in the newly adopted (or as they are referred to "recommended") history texts (one of them is pictured), Kommersant's Vlast weekly magazine offers a test to check your knowledge (in Russian). Having taken the test, I am proud to have gotten 2 out of 8 answers correct, which hopefully implies I have some objectivity remaining in my knowledge. Below are some of the questions and the surprising answers:

1) Complete the phrase: the Soviet Union was ______:

Answer: an example and a guide of a just state for millions of people all over the world

(My answer was the SU was a social state, and etc. etc. - I was wrong)

2) Complete the phrase: The result of Stalin's repressions was _______:

Answer: the formation of a new administrative class that was adequate for the goal of modernization at a time of limited resources

(My answer was that the repressions shattered the ability of the SU to defend itself resulting in devastating losses in 1941 - wrong yet again)

Complete the phrase: The YUKOS trial buried all hopes of _______:

Answer: oligarchs to maintain their control over Russia's natural resources

(No surprise here)

4) Multiple choice: A sovereign state requires:

Answer: the ability to independently produce military armament

(My answer: the ability to carry out internal and external foreign policy independently - Wrong again)

In the end this "new" history is probably better than studying the History of Marxism or the History of the Communist party, but it is getting closer every year.

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Tyson said...

This is unbelievable...Are you sure that your information is correct?